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On the farm (initially small, apprx. 700 hectares) we made gardening and floricultural production. From the moment we graduated from professional educational institutions (Agrarian technical school in Nowa Wies and Agrarian Faculty in SGGW in Warsaw) we have begun co-production of the nursery materials.

    Together with the changing requirements of the market and technical possibilities the farm has gradually developed. We have increased manufacture and assortment according to the requirements of our clients who were mainly gardeners from Warki, Grójec and Błędow regions.

    Nowadays the farm occupies territory above 200,00 hectares. The big area allows annually beds nursery materials on a new place that has key influence on the quality and health of the materials. Our nurseries and cutting gardens are under the constant control of the Province Inspection for Protection of Plants and Seeds, beginning from researches of soil before planting to the presence of undesirable pathogenes, due to periodic check of health and quality of the plants, sampling for laboratory checks on absence of viruses, up to a definitive estimation allowing sale of the saplings as a high-quality material.

    We well understand expectations, hopes and problems of gardeners as on the part of the farm we are also engaged in manufacture of fruit.
Apple-tree orchards occupy 14.00 hectares, and cherry-tree ones – 23.00 hectares. In view of high expenses of hand gathering, absence of a considerable quantity of hands for work, in 2008 we decided to buy a combine for gathering of cherries (let out by firm Weremczuk according to concept ISK Skierniewice).

    The office, the main machine base and modern warehouse base are about Grójec, Masovia Province, near to the main communication knot where the express road E7 [S77] Warsaw-Krakow is crossed with the transit road Nr50 Minsk-Maz.-Sohaczew.

    Nursery and gardening manufacture is conducted on the farm ULENIEC gm. Grójec [nurseries, an apple-tree garden], on the farm LIPIE gm. Błędów [nurseries, a cherry-tree garden] and near to office in Worowie [nurseries of vegetative stocks, the American blueberry and a cutting garden].

    The total anual production volume is about 0,5 mln vegetative stocks of the WW status (free from viryses), 200 000 saplings for current sale and a few dozens of thousands for individual orders. Our main clients are gardeners from the central Poland. We also export the saplings abroad and organise sale in the European Union (for some years we have been supplying one of the Gardening centres near Vienna).

    We try to meet expectations of our clients, raising quality of the producing material and offering it at reasonable prices.

    For some years we havebeen teaching youth in the field of nursering. Annually we accept some pupils from professional schools and students from foreign educational institutions.

    We take active part in the specialised organisations:
  • The Assosiation for Development of Brachytic Orchards [S. Doliński - a member]
  • The Association of Polish Nurserymen [S. Doliński –a trustee]
  • The Association of Educational Farms [S. Doliński - the chairman]
    Last years we took part in many domestic and foreign exhibitions, representing our material. We are opened to exchange of opinions and experience. Our nurseries were visited by professors from the SGGW in Warsaw, the AR in Lublin, the Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine, some dozens of German nurserymen, who were members of the BDB, persons from Belarus, Ukraine, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Chile and the USA.
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