The rootstocks

The rootstocks are responsible for the characteristics of the plants that have been grafted onto them and determine, among others, their growth. They are selected depending on the climatic and soil conditions on which the trees are to grow.


The M9 dwarf rootstock intended for apple trees contributes to the abundant fruiting of trees that grow best on nutrient-rich, fertile soils with adequate moisture. Due to the root system of this rootstock, it is recommended to lead it at supports. M9 is recommended for strongly and moderately fast growing varieties, and the advantages of the rootstock include a positive effect on fruit coloration and very abundant fruiting, usually in the second year after planting.

The M26 semi-dwarf rootstock works well on less fertile soils, which actually prevail in our country. It is also the most popular because of its low soil requirements. The advantage of the M26 rootstock is its strong root system and resistance to frost. Moreover, the apple trees grafted on it begin bearing fruit early, yielding abundantly at the same time.

M26 is suitable for grafting both low and high growing varieties.

The Colt rootstock is one of the most popular rootstocks for cherries. It is good for the health of trees and the quality of the fruit. Colt trees start bearing fruit in the 3rd or 4th year after planting. This process can be accelerated by weakly cutting and bending the shoots, which results in greater initiation of flower buds and accelerates the fruiting of trees. Colt favors a better yield than in the case of bird cherry or F12/1 rootstocks, with comparable fruit quality. An important advantage of the rootstock is its high resistance to viral diseases.

The Krymsk 5® rootstock has been gaining more and more popularity in the world in recent years due to its high frost resistance and early fruiting of the varieties grafted on it. More stunted than the Colt, which allows for more intensive cultivation. Krymsk 5® is also resistant to bacterial cancer and dense, moist soil.

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